A prefab house that's green — and gorgeous

When it comes to housing, phrases like “prefab,” “modular” or “factory-made” still bring up certain images for me: either a mobile home/trailer or a boxy, uninspired dwelling made from cheap materials. That’s on me, though, as, over the past decade or so, designers have recognized the potential of this concept and started creating unique, beautiful, stylish homes. What’s more, they’ve built upon prefabrication’s lower environmental footprint by adding materials and features that use resources more efficiently and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

So, despite my biases, I was pleased to see that Sunset magazine had chosen to go prefab with its 2012 Idea House, the Breezehouse. Built in a Vallejo, California, factory and designed for wine country (where I’m guessing they don’t see many trailer parks), this 3,000-square-foot, two-bedroom home really is gorgeous… and very green. Features include steel frames, solar hot water, radiant floor heating, bamboo flooring and energy-efficient appliances. The buildings themselves actually fold up for transporting and can then be unfolded onsite. Find out more about the construction process here:

I’m guessing the price tag on this one is out of my reach — it’s in California, after all — but the Breezehouse does demonstrate beautifully the potential of prefabricated housing. If you’d like to check it for real, Sunset is holding tours of the Healdsburg home through September 9. If you just want to see more pictures, head over to Jetson Green.

My prejudices just took another beating. Which is a good thing. If you want to take a shot at them with more examples of prefabricated beauty, fire away.

via SFGate.com


Photo credit: Screen capture from “2012 Sunset Breezehouse Sneak Peek” video