Top 10 ways film has destroyed the world

After all the (well-deserved) awards and praise, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is still a film about the end of the world. Hushpuppy is racing to find a way to save her father and the Bathtub from the impending Aurochs, floods and events that could destroy everything she knows. That’s one way to look at it — but we’ve recently been treating all the possible global catastrophes with an air of “meh.” So here are a few ways to better appreciate the end of days on film, especially if you think killer robots and giant planets are blasé.


We won’t bore you with easy choices like ARMAGEDDON or DEEP IMPACT and how the end of the world can be stopped with an Aerosmith song. Instead, the 1916 Danish film END OF THE WORLD sparked the fear of us going out like the dinosaurs. Only the people reacted differently, going crazy from fear and justifying their own ends with the comet never touching down. The type of lesson that Michael Bay clearly missed in “Blowing Stuff Up 101.”

Catch all of the Top 10 ways films have destroyed the world.