Top 10 antiheroes fighting the superhero film monopoly

It’s July, which means we are all hot, tired and pretty much superheroed out. We’ve weathered the explosive onslaught of THE AVENGERS and now (another) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and still have a certain DARK KNIGHT to go. All this hoopla gets us thinking: Are graphic novels and comic books responsible for classic fanboy superheroes, and nothing more? Of course not! This rich literary (yes, literary) genre has inspired a wealth of other cinematic material, from dystopian yarns to biting black comedies, some of which you may not have even guessed had comic connection.


Although it ostensibly follows the superhero/villain trope, a film starring Michael Cera couldn’t possibly qualify as a superhero flick, in any way shape or form. Telling the tale of humble Scott Pilgrim, who must battle the 7 Evil Exes of his true love, Ramona Flowers, this mashup of good vs. evil with a rock n’ roll sensibility stays true to its graphic roots and has a lot of fun in the process.

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