Your SUNfiltered summer mixtape

With summer off and running and temperatures through the roof, it’s time we round out all the blockbuster activity and over-hyped, industry-funded forms of entertainment with what the season is really built for: semi-inappropriate decisions made with old and “new” friends during long weekends on the shore — all set to hip music. It’s as close to a consequence-free environment as any post-college adult trying to make art out of their life can get. So re-up your catalog with these music suggestions that will keep your days and nights hotter than the weather.

Jack White: “Freedom at 21″
The gifted raconteur keeps rock alive for all of us — to the point where we want to toss our unmentionables at him as a means of saying thank you.

The Drums: “Days”
This is that band you haven’t heard of that you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of before. Their ’80s-inspired pop works in any playlist you can think of. And yes, that is Amanda Lepore in the video.

Kendrick Lamar: “Swimming Pools (Drank)”
With his major-label debut scheduled for later this year, the young Dr. Dre protégé and good friend of Lady Gaga is poised to be the next big thing in hip-hop.

Hot Chip: “Look at Where We Are”
The blip boys are back with a down-tempo masterpiece. We think we know what’s going on on this video (slave to society) but don’t want to ruin it for you. Check it out for yourself. Oh, and don’t miss the Major Lazer remix.

Pop Etc: “Everything Is Gone”
There’s nothing else to say about the Bay Area’s most melodic group except that we dare you not to love everything they create as they smash and mash musical genres to make the kind of slick songs we’re sure will end up on cable television series like Girls.

The xx: “Angels”
The British heirs to all things sparse and devilishly romantic, the xx released this track from their upcoming album that foreshadows a sexier point in their journey. If they can get any more sexy, that is.

Azealia Banks: “Aquababe”
The Harlem native with a potty mouth, and a penchant for the like aquatic, just released her mixtape to great reviews, which has assured her hype. We can’t wait for her first full length. She isn’t for the faint of heart. Thanks, Harlem!

Frank Ocean: “Bad Religion”
He may be making waves with his sexuality, but this singer-songwriter is R&B gold. And this song is for anyone who’s ever had an unrequited love. Bieber doesn’t count.

The Shins: “It’s Only Life”
Once dubbed the greatest band to come out of the emo scene, the soft boys you love to love are back with a perfect end-of-the-evening track, off their latest album, Port of Morrow. And yeah, it’s sweet.

Bloc Party: “Octopus”
The UK rockers are back stateside with a new album and sound that’s ready to get any mixer going. This is vixen music for the new day.