Recycle your bottles into glassware with the Kinkajou

Got a lot of empty bottles laying around? Hey, we’re not here to judge; we realize those bottles may well have sentimental value (a bottle of wine shared at a special occasion), or that you may just find them really attractive. Seems a shame to send something beautiful to the recycler (or, if you don’t have recycling service for glass, to the landfill).

Canadian entrepreneur and tinkerer Patrick Lehoux felt the same way about the bottles he was disposing of, and thought he’d love to turn them into glassware. If you’ve ever tried to cut glass, though, you know this is no easy feat — the expensive equipment Lehoux found available wasn’t really within reach of the average person. So he invented the Kinkajou, a tool that scores a glass bottle for a clean break. As you can see in this video, the tool makes the process of turning bottles into glasses really easy — score the bottle, break it (with boiling water) and sand the edges:

Apparently, there’s a demand for such a device: Lehoux’s recent Kickstarter project exceeded its goal, and he’s already opened up an online store to take pre-orders for the device. No word yet if glass recyclers are worried.

If you’re crafty, here’s yet another element of your life you can personalize. If you just drink a lot, well, you can justify it a bit more. Let us know if you decide to give this little recycling device a try.

Via Earth 911


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