Raising Nicolas Cage: Celebrating the crazy with the War of Independents

Nicolas Cage has given us, the American audience, an eclectic range of roles in a wide variety of movies (over 60 films) over the years. He has also provided a lot of material for the blogosphere and meme factories on the webz, some of which I’ve collected below for your viewing pleasure. The Internet’s fascination with him stems from his enigmatic personality and the roles he’s played. Just kidding, it’s because he’s nuts. This interview in particular is a good glimpse into the beautiful mind of this actor in particular his answer to the question “You mention LEAVING LAS VEGAS. Is winning another Oscar important to you? Or is it now more, ‘Well, I did that. Now I just do what I’m going to do’?”

It’s not important to me. In fact, I think that if you go about making movies to win Oscars, you’re really going about it the wrong way. I think that it’s … right now, what I’m excited about is trying to create a [pauses] kind of a cultural understanding through my muse that is part of the zeitgeist that isn’t motivated by vanity or magazine covers or awards. It’s more, not countercultural, but counter-critical. I would like to find a way to embrace what Led Zeppelin did, in filmmaking.

This thoughtful response is his justification for GHOST RIDER, by the way. Joking aside, there’s a bit of an unfair level of criticism directed at Cage for his participation in this movie while actors in other superhero movies are in fact applauded and given serious consideration by the establishment. But then again, those other movies were good. You know what else is good? Nicolas Cage’s face photoshopped on cats. Links to Nic Cats and more below.

  • Celebrity portraits such as the one of Cage from RAISING ARIZONA stitched together with yarn.
  • Nicolas Cage’s face photoshopped onto cats. Also, this is the first website you should point to if anyone asks what Tumblr is.
  • The argument that Nic Cage is either a time traveler or a vampire with non-aging powers got stronger thanks to this Civil War era photo of a doppelganger of the actor. I say he is a time traveling vampire. Oh snap, that actually sounds like a movie he would star in nowadays. I need an agent.
  • An amazing supercut of Nic Cage demonstrating the Nic Cage School of Acting. And while we’re on the topic of supercuts, here’s another one of him freaking out. It’s all so meta.
  • Speaking of meta, here’s Nic Cage meeting the wax version of himself.
  • Once you see this you cannot unsee it: Test pictures of Cage dressed up like Superman for a Tim Burton directed version of the caped superhero.

So, while you’re likely to hear “Nicolas cage” associated with “check out this crazy shit” these days, there was a time when when he was simply and up-and-coming actor with some serious indie cred. Exhibit A, his 1987 star turn in the Coen Brother’s quirky cult comedy RAISING ARIZONA. You can watch RAISING ARIZONA, and revel in Cage’s awesomeness, this Friday at 10P (followed by BUNNY AND THE BULL) as part of Sundance Channel’s War of Independents grudge match between US and UK indie films. USA! USA! NICOLAS CAGE!