Great music to have sex to: Patrick Watson

Or maybe we should say “great music to make love to” (though we’re loathe to use that terminology). It definitely works for making out to. Not frantic rip-off-each-others’-clothes sessions, but more deliberate, sensual interludes that last longer than an hour, the kind earnest teenagers in love engage in. Patrick Watson, the Montreal-based band (fronted by singer-songwriter Patrick Watson, natch), create songs that are ethereal, haunting, and heady — with upright pianos, weepy violins and saws, quirky percussion, guitars occasionally strummed with toothbrushes…

And the live versions are even more hypnotic and ultimately climactic than the excellent studio versions. They’re currently on tour in the States through July promoting their fourth album, Adventures in Your Own Backyard. I (Lo) saw them this past weekend at MassMoCA’s cabaret (as part of the museum’s “Oh, Canada” exhibition this summer) — and haven’t been that entranced by music since Jeff Buckley. The band’s lighting choices only added to the romantic nature of show: little finger flashlights; soft spotlights aimed at the players from below; clear, round, vintage-looking lightbulbs attached haphazardly to the instruments around the small stage whose glowing light ebbs and flows with music. Very moody, very sexy.

They’re playing a free concert (along with Lonely Dear) this Friday in NYC (The Seaport’s Pier 17 at 7pm) as part of the River to River Festival. If you can, go — we’re not sure how that delightful moodiness will translate in the open air in broad daylight in sweltering heat, but bring someone you can make out with just in case.

Check out the rest of Patrick Watson’s tour schedule here.


photo via Flickr