Spend a day in one Indian boy's shoes with the Vimeo Fest winner for best doc

In case you need a bit of perspective, make sure to catch the winning video doc from this year’s Vimeo Festival + Awards: AMAR, subtitled “All great achievements require time”. Watching this young Indian boy’s utterly tireless effort throughout his roughly 18-hour day–from work, to school, to home, to school, to work, to homework, and with a warm smile on his face at all times–would give even the most jaded and overworked Western urban professional pause. Amar is 14 and supports his entire family (while managing to be top of his class at school). It’s also refreshing to see a documentary that is more of a video testimonial as opposed to one that makes use of a traditional voice over.

Amar (all great achievements require time) from Pilgrim Films on Vimeo.

The finalists in the Documentary category included:

AQUADETTES takes on the ageless (literally) art of synchronized swimming at an Orange County retirement community, where the spirit of Esther Williams is alive and well. Maybe some of these old broads even knew her. The film also goes into topics such as sickness, death and medical marijuana.

In LIVING ON ICE, we are introduced to Ben Saunders, the Solo & Unsupported North Pole Speed Record holder for 2011, and his meticulous preparation for an expedition out on the ice. He almost sounds like he’s talking about going on a business trip, which in many ways, for his purposes at least, is precisely what he’s doing.

ODYSSEUS’ GAMBIT is a video portrait of a homeless Cambodian chess player (who bills himself as ‘an entertainer’) in Union Square Manhattan who plays for cash, editorializing throughout the game, his day, and his life. Someone who at first seems like just another talkative street character turns out, in the end, to be the unlikeliest of political figureheads…

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