Now playing on Sundance Channel: RAISING ARIZONA and delightful directorial debuts

It’s too darn hot to be outside frolicking — so why not stay inside and enjoy some cool flicks instead? This week we’ve got Nic Cage at his Nic Cagiest and Jack Nicholson at his Jennifer Lopez-iest.

The Revolutionary War may be long over, but the US and the UK have unfinished business … That’s why all month long on Friday nights, Sundance Channel brings you the War of Independents, a head-to-head grudge match pitting US versus UK films. First up is the Coen brothers’ cult classic RAISING ARIZONA, starring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as hapless kidnappers who steal a furniture tycoon’s baby. Not for ransom, mind you — to raise him as their own.

Let’s all take the time to remember when Nic Cage was so young and doing amazing movies like this iconic comedy.

Representing the UK on this first War of Independents day is BUNNY AND THE BULL, director Paul King’s debut feature, an oddball kind of road trip movie that takes place almost entirely in agorophobe Stephen’s (Edward Hogg) head.

Charming and funny, with delightfully quirky visuals.
BUNNY AND THE BULL Friday at 11:35P

This week, our boss thinks you should watch the moving, coming-of-age story THUMBSUCKER, starring Lou Pucci as a teen who can’t give up the titular habit, as well as indie darlings Tilda Swinton, Vincent D’Onofrio and (yes, really) Keanu Reeves.

Mike Mills’ feature directorial debut earned the Special Jury Prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival. Anyone who’s ever grown up — or struggled with doing so — will understand why.
THUMBSUCKER Saturday at 8P

BLOOD AND WINE, this week’s Movies We Love Lust selection, follows a wine merchant (Jack Nicholson) who tries to get himself out of debt by stealing a diamond necklace, only to be derailed by his alcoholic wife (Judy Davis).

Thrills abound in this neo-noir tale featuring some enticing eye candy (Stephen Dorff and Jennifer Lopez).
BLOOD AND WINE Sunday at 10P