Now Playing on Sundance Channel: LOVE CRIME, THE CRUCIBLE and more

This week on Sundance Channel, we’ve got cinematic portrayals of people at war — with their heroes, their bosses, their communities and themselves.

Turn off the lights and lock the front door — it’s Thriller Thursday! In director Alain Corneau’s LOVE CRIME, an ambitious young assistant goes after her ruthless corporate-executive mentor after the boss passes off a promising idea as her own.

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas (acting en Français, the language of her adopted homeland) and native French beauty Ludivine Sagnier (Swimming Pool).
LOVE CRIME Thursday at 10P

Speaking of wars… this week marks the last of our War of Independents lineup, a head-to-head grudge match pitting U.S. versus U.K. films. A seriously BIG FAN, Patton Oswalt plays Paul Aufiero, the New York Giants devotee who has to deal with the fallout after he semi-stalks a star player — and gets the crap beaten out of him for his trouble.

You won’t want to miss this Sundance Film Festival favorite about an average guy with a decidedly unusual affinity for Big Blue.
BIG FAN Friday at 10P

LOOKING FOR ERIC is our U.K. offering in the obsessed-sports-fan category. Ken Loach directs this charming comedy about an average bloke who reclaims his life with the help of Manchester United player Eric Cantona.

Starring theater vet and sometime indie-punk musician Steve Evets in a role that’s equal parts uplifting and quirky.
LOOKING FOR ERIC Friday at 11:30P

For this week’s Redford Presents, our boss has selected the 1996 screen adaptation of Arthur Miller’s THE CRUCIBLE, about a society turning on itself — whether it be the Salem witch trials or McCarthyism.

With an all-star cast including Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Joan Allen, who was nominated for an Oscar in the role.
THE CRUCIBLE Saturday at 8P

And finally we bring you Lovers Lounge, a night of uncut, uncensored, boundary-pushing fare. This week: the sexy-disturbing French film STUDENT SERVICES, about a young student who turns to prostitution to pay her way through school.

Based on a controversial French autobiography that brought to light how easy it is to make money the hard way.

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