Let your tweets paint a watercolor version of your city

Color Coordinates is a fun website where “tweets mentioning colors are plotted on their coordinates of origin.” This social cartography is a unique live visualization of tweets which incorporates the watercolor maps designed by Stamen Design and available for public use as part of the City Tracking project and funded by the Knight News Challenge. In addition to this watercolor template, Stamen Design created one that mimics the outmoded black-and-white toner scheme and an ecological one labeled as Terrain.

Each new tweet is denoted and pinned on the map with a droplet in the same color as the one mentioned in the originating tweet. It’s a cool way of getting a pulse of a city As the creators explained, “We were curious about how perceptual qualities – like colors – fit in to the digital/physical in-between of geolocated datapoints.” Or the way I referred it to my friends, “Dude, check this link out. It’s sweet! Or rather tweet!” Be sure to check out their other neat projects on their website.

In honor of the upcoming Independence Day holiday let’s all send a ton of tweets mentioning the words “red,” “white,” and “blue” to give this Tweet visualizer a patriotic vibe.