How hot is it? Obscure terms for this crazy heat

The temperature in Gotham (mine, not the Caped Crusader’s fictional version) has been over 90 degrees every day this week, and while 2012 is the year of the dragon, it has also turned out to be the year of “It’s too damn hot!” This seemingly endless heat wave we’ve been experiencing across the country is now scientifically proven and on the record books as well.

Exhibit A: In June, 3,282 temperature records were broken.
Exhibit B: In the first week of July alone, we set 942 temperature records.
Exhibit C: In 2012 so far, 23,283 daily high records have been set.

To paraphrase Jimmy McMillan, “The temperature is too damn hot!” With so many sizzling summer days it seems like we’re running out of ways to describe the heat. Well, thanks to Mental Floss, here are 11 phrases used in various regions of this country to describe the temperature. The last one is the best.

1. Hotter Than Dutch Love in Harvest (Wisconsin and New York)
2. Hotter Than Hell’s Back Kitchen (Vermont)
3. Training Grounds for Down Below (Macon, GA)
4. Hot Enough to Roast a Lizard (Peak, SC)
5. Awful Selsery (Kaskaskia, IL)
6. The Bear Got Him (“The Bear” is heatstroke; South Carolina)
7. She Sure is A-Beamin’ (Silver City, NM)
8. Hot Enough to Melt Clabber (No location given)
9. It’s a Torcher (Bayfield, WI)
10. Full of Moist (No location given)
11. Hot as a Half-F**ed Fox in a Forest Fire (Scottsburg, VA)

On the erudite side of things, check out this wonderful essay by Arthur Miller in The New Yorker describing what it was like living in New York before the days of air conditioning.