Happy birthday, Instagram! From dogs to Dom Pérignon

Photo credit: Kevin

This week marked the two-year anniversary of the first photo ever uploaded as a test on a mobile photo sharing app that would eventually become known as Instagram. Before it was released for iPhones, it was called Codename (give ‘em a break — they’re developers, not marketers). And to foreshadow what would become one of the more popular subject matters for Instagram users, the first photo uploaded featured the super-cute dog you see above. By comparison the first photo ever uploaded to the Internet was an absolute hot mess.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave without a smartphone, you know just how far Instagram has come from those cute dog origins. It has a vibrant community uploading all sorts of interesting photos (and occasionally getting banned for them). Even the offspring of the 1 percenters are all up in Instagram, and a new Tumblr called Rich Kids of Instagram is highlighting the best photos chronicling their affluent lifestyle with a Valencia filter.

Photo credit: @evanpow

Photo credit: @pburrows