Greener Consumption: The on-the-go edition

Yep, we’ve all got places to go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the impact of those trips to a minimum with your choices in transportation and what you take with you.

You’ve got to eat: The Lunchsense lunchbox lets you “brown bag it” without the brown bag, or any other waste. The box contains food and beverage containers, all of which are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can even throw the box itself in the washing machine. [via GreenWorld365]

Bike repair and coffee: If you’re in London right now, you may want to avoid Olympic traffic by getting out your bike. Need a place to get a flat fixed or your chain adjusted while enjoying a cup of coffee? Time Out London has published a list of the city’s best cycling cafés. [via Time Out London]

Recycled bags for all occasions: OK, maybe not for formal nights out, but reality star Lauren Conrad’s XO(eco) collection, created in partnership with Blue Avocado, has bags for just about everything else. They’re all constructed with REPREVE, a material made from recycled water bottles (which we’ve seen before). [via Ecouterre]

Wood — the perfect bike material: A wooden bike? Yep, they’re out there, and MNN has put together a slideshow of some of the more interesting models. [via MNN]

Take your hotel room with you?: Well, not exactly, but Dutch hotel chain Citizen M (which has just opened new branches in Great Britain) prefabricates the rooms for its buildings — they can be transported by truck. “Prefab” doesn’t mean “trailer-like,” however: These are pretty swank rooms! [via Treehugger]

The bike that grows with your kids: Kids want to go — and they want to do so on two wheels. But you don’t want to have to buy a new bike for every growth spurt. Spanish bike maker Orbea’s Grow series has an adjustable frame that can be sized to your child. Check it out in the video below. [via Springwise]

Another sweet electric ride: Nope, not an expensive electric car, but an e-bike that its creators call “the first electric bicycle built by, and for, cyclists.” [via Earth Techling]

Ready to roll? Ready, set, go — but make sure to share your own finds with us before you do.


Photo credit: Screen capture from “Orbea Grow” video