Greener consumption: The friggin' hot edition

It’s hot – real hot! Even the greenest among us just wants to crank up the AC and lay around a lot. You can go there, or you can try out some of these ideas for beating the heat with a lighter environmental impact.

Ready for a trip to the pool?: Ecouterre rounds up fourteen different bikinis and swimsuits that look great and tread lightly on the environment.

Eat for the heat: Don’t want to eat when it’s this hot? Yep, we get it, but, according to Whole Living, the millennia-old Ayurveda tradition knows which foods cool you off. Recipes included.

Have a tall, cool one: Something over ice, please! Treehugger’s Jerry James Stone celebrates both the 4th and the Victory Garden with seven cool cocktails featuring garden fresh produce.

Or just a cold one: Arbor Brewing’s soon-to-be solar-powered beer is just one of many brands out there made from renewable energy, organic ingredients, and more.

The future’s so bright: Need a new pair of shades? Proof Eyewear’s wooden sunglasses not only look really cool, but support reforestation efforts and eye health initiatives in the developing world (via Eco-Chick).

Too much fun in the sun?: Elemental Herbs’ All Good Goop will help with everything from sunburn to chapped lips, and is now available through online retailer EcoPlum.

The DIY popsicle: Almost anything that comes out of the freezer tastes good right now, but these raspberry and creme popsicles from Natural Home and Garden should really hit the spot!

Got your own tricks for staying cool? Let us know about them.


Image credit: TheeErin via photo pin cc