Greener Consumption: The "don't buy it, share it" edition

The greenest product, so the saying goes, is one that you don’t buy. But for things you really need, the next best option may be the product you share. No longer limited to movie rentals, you can rent/share just about any durable good (or even not-so-durable goods) these days.

Share a scooter: Shareable’s Neal Gorenflo tracked down Michael Keating, CEO of Scoot, to talk about about his company, which will offer electric scooters for sharing in San Francisco. (via @greensmith)

New York shares its award-winning tap water: Find it irritating that staying hydrated at outdoor events almost always involves buying an overpriced bottle of water? The city of New York now offers another option: its Water-on-the-Go stations, which provides free tap water (and which you can find through the program’s app). (via Inhabitat)

The wait for a Citibike just got a little longer: Also in Gotham, the city’s Citibike bicycle-sharing program is still running a bit behind. You’ll have to wait until August now to try out one of the 10,000 bikes the program will offer for short-term use. (via @GreenSteve_com)

Got OnStar? Than share your car: Turn that parked car into a money-maker – GM has teamed up with car-sharing service RelayRides to offer car-sharing opportunities to customers who have the company’s OnStar service.

Yard sharing moves East: Can yard sharing, the practice of gardening in someone else’s yard for a share of produce or rent, work outside of crunchy locales like the Bay Area and Portland? Apparently so, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A Walmart-size public library: This new public library in McAllen, Texas, is housed in a reused Walmart building. That’s two and a half football fields of books available for borrowing!

Buy a video game with a buddy: Gaming’s an expensive hobby (as well as one with a sizable environmental footprint). New startup Lynx2Games is focused on the cost but may also help cut the number of game copies out there. (via Digital Trends)

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Photo credit: uclatransportation via photo pin cc