Drinking at the neighborhood dumpster

What’s your favorite watering hole or coffee shop? If you answer “The dumpster down the street,” then (hopefully) you’re familiar with the FOUNDation Project, a creation of Dutch designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten.

The concept is simple and brilliant: turn a dumpster full of trash (including the dumpster itself) into a pop-up retail location and meeting place (like a bar or coffee house). More specifically, the designers see the FOUNDation Project as a way to put local “waste” back to work in the community that produced it: each location is created from local materials, and, thus, has a local character to it. Furthermore, neighbors can drop off used building materials at these locations, so the concept is “paid forward.” van Zwieten focuses on telling the story of the specific pop-up location through photographs, video, and other media.

The project’s been ongoing since the 2010 Public Design Festival in Milan; this year, the founders created a literal foundation dedicated to “doing more design projects in public space that improve social cohesion.” You can take a look at the story of each FOUNDation project on the website itself, or explore the photography and video created for each location separately.

via psfk and @dothegreenthing


Image credit: The FOUNDation Project and Hein Lagerweij