Book covers vs. film adaptation posters

Hey cinephiles and bibliophiles, check out this great photo gallery from The Atlantic that compares the covers of famous books with the movie poster for their film adaptation counterparts. In general I find the book covers more elegant and expressive. Obviously there are marketing necessities in featuring movie stars on posters, but their presence can clash with the faces already created in the readers’ imagination.

While I’m excited to see THE GREAT GATSBY come alive on the big screen, I’ve found the movie posters for it, like the example above, a bit lacking and uninspiring. Also, the “In 3D” is really jarring! I doubt the focus groups in the test screenings were clamoring to see this in 3D. Speaking of Fitzgerald’s novel, in case you missed it last time, check out the awesome 8-bit style online game version of the book and photos of the demolition of the actual mansion that partly inspired Fitzgerald.

And with the ever-growing popularity of e-readers such as Kindles and the iPad, I fear that book covers may someday be an antiquated art form. So something like this old instructional sheet on how to properly open a new book, which amuses us today, might someday be actually a helpful guide to our great-great grandkids as they examine an actual book in a museum of twentieth century artifacts.