Best videos of the week, with celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves

With yet another week coming to an end, here are five new videos that people were sharing and discussing around the digital water cooler.

5. What do James Van Der Beek, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, Larry King, David Spade, Kristen Stewart, Matt Leblanc, Snooki and Justin Bieber all have in common? Well, some people dislike them and tweet about it. In this video clip, Jimmy Kimmel gets these celebrities to read these mean tweets. Aloud. For your entertainment.

4. As a bookend to my post earlier this week about the nostalgic appeal of LEGOs, here is a great stop-motion video of Mario made of sticky notes come alive. Like LEGOs, it evokes a wistful recollection of that bygone early-Nintendo era.

3. Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and Alison Brie channel Cheech and Chong by hitting a few bongs to promote — or rather try to promote — their upcoming new film SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME. Ron Swanson and his libertarian ideals would approve of this, I think. This should be a standard part of movie marketing campaigns going forth.

2. With July nearly over (holy moly! Where is the summer going?) it’s time for yet another compilation video of fails captured on video for the past month. Wheeled vehicles and such continue to be our own worst enemy.

1. The summer Olympics are officially underway with the opening ceremony today — and Adidas provided the surprise of a lifetime for lucky fans when it set up this promotional photobooth that comes with a special guest.