25, a new erotic-fashion magazine

Model Anja Rubik’s new editorial endeavor just launched: 25 Magazine is a high-end fashion magazine, out biannually, that’s dedicated to the erotic perspective of women. In an interview with New York magazine, Rubik explained the sex concept:

It was bothering me how the world is nowadays — how we approach nudity and sexuality and beauty. I thought it was really, really wrong, and I wanted to create something that goes back to the erotica of the seventies. I was searching for inspiration, and I looked at this magazine Viva, from the late sixties and early seventies, that inspired me. It was a Penthouse publication for women. I thought it was so beautiful and innocent, and very sensual and erotic, but all in very good taste. What happened to all of that? Nowadays, sex and nudity is either so vulgar or so prude. So I wanted to create something inspiring, and beautiful, and sensual, to get people to think in a different way.

The debut was shot exclusively by female photographers: Annie Leibovitz, Ellen Von Unwerth, Paola Kudacki, Emma Summerton, Corinne Day, Camilla Åkrans… But don’t you dare call it feminist: Rubik says “I would hate anyone to say that the magazine is feminist. I would hope that a man can enjoy it as well.” Because anything “feminist” could never be enjoyed by men. Ugh.

The website features a few video teasers for the magazine, some behind the scenes images and the NSFW Kanye West video promoting the magazine (see below), which sex-tech guru Violet Blue has a pretty awesome take-down of:

It’s not awful, but it’s a pretty amateur attempt at merging kink and couture. It’s not erotic and it’s trying way too hard to be edgy (without understanding the fetishes it’s weakly imitating), it’s not inspiring, and — of course — it stars Kanye West’s ego, ostensibly for the purpose of ego-fapping. I don’t mean to be harsh but if you’re going to make porn for self-indulgence, then do that — but don’t make porn out of the fabric of your own ego and then tell us it’s elevating the cultural conversation about porn. That’s just insulting.

The magazine sells for $111 (import fees and shipping included) — it comes in a box without a cover (get it? it’s naked). You won’t find excerpts of the magazine at its website, but you can catch a few here on Colette (their Paris store has given 25 a window to present the mag during the couture shows happening right now) and here on Luisa Via Roma (where you can buy it).