When Hillary winks, the world notices

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton graced these pages back in April thanks to “Texts from Hillary”. She’s relevant again here — not because of her involvement in the Syrian conflict or questions about her possible presidential ambitions to which she provides ambiguous answers — but because The Atlantic hilariously notes that when Clinton winks she resembles Lucille, “the alcoholic, sardonic matriarch of the Bluth family” from Arrested Development. Check out the full photo gallery here.

Contrasting the awkward winks from Hillary, here’s a recent photo of her looking “fierce” as the kids say nowadays. The question is whether she’s at the the G-20 Summit or an audition for a shampoo commercial.

In the meantime I have yet to see any evidence that Mitt Romney’s hair moves at all. He also is unable to say “sports.” Mother Jones has this hard hitting piece of journalism highlighting this verbal tic of Romney’s “vaguely 19th-century aristocratic quirk of referring to sports in the singular.” It’s also the way Europeans say it, which means Mitt Romney is a socialist!