Wes Anderson Bingo and more

A friend texted me this week asking if I wanted to go see MOONRISE KINGDOM (obvious answer is “YES”) which is the perfect segue here to discuss this amazing bingo card generator created by Slate. Captain Obvious would argue that Wes Anderson, the film’s director has certain signature motifs and techniques that he likes to incorporate in his films to the point of parody. All of these elements (and players), each “appeared in at least three of his movies, and some elements appear in all of them,” add up for a perfect game of Bingo.

While we’re on the topic of this auteur of auteurs, here are a few more related links that should interest any fan of his films:

  • What Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Says About You: The Atlantic converts your movie theater seat into a lounger found in a psychiatrist’s office and analyzes you based on your favorite Anderson film.
  • NPR interviews Randall Poster, the music supervisor on Anderson’s films meaning Poster helps “find and license music that helps add nuance and emotional depth to each scene.” Speaking of, last year at Lincoln Center I went to a screening of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS which was followed by a panel discussion with Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, and Gwyneth Paltrow in attendance. The original cut of the film used a Beatles song. Obtaining permission as well as the royalty fees for using songs from the Beatles catalog are notoriously prohibitive for most. Knowing this and to try to convince Paul McCartney, Anderson had Paltrow take McCartney out for a game of bowling and moreover Anderson held a private screening of the film for the musician. McCartney loved the film but said unfortunately he left these decisions up to the business manager of the catalog. BOO!
  • Bill Murray gives a tour of the set of MOONRISE KINGDOM in a manner that only he uniquely can and while self-admittedly a little tipsy on rum (is he REALLY?).