Green tech finds: the useful reminders edition

Keep killing your houseplants because you forget to water? Or wasting gas because you never remember to check your tire pressure. We’ve got solutions for both, and more, in this week’s green tech finds.

Forget to water your plants?: Yep, there’s now an app for that. The Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor tells an app on your phone when your houseplants need some water.

The teeny, tiny mobile home: This is much cooler than the average trailer, though. The Oakland Tiny House is being built on a trailer chassis, and, when complete, will include “a full kitchen, composting toilet, outdoor shower, sleeping loft custom built in furniture and a fireplace” in its 120 square feet. Materials used include reclaimed redwood fencing and maple from an old roller skating rink. (via Lloyd’s Blog)

Experience wildlife with your phone: Jaymi Heimbach at Treehugger provides a run-down of smartphone apps that help you get closer to wildlife (and, no, they don’t just show you pics or videos).

Need a reminder to check your tire pressure? There’s a low-tech solution to this one, at least for a little while: the US Postal Service has issued one of its “Go Green Forever” stamps that reminds you to keep air in your tires.

Thinking about throwing away your old skateboard?: You’ve got another option – Art of Board recycles used skateboard decks into wall tiles (among other things). (via Inhabitat)

Students rerouting traffic: Nope, not through some silly prank gone terribly wrong, but rather through a navigation system designed to reroute traffic to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This creation of students at Germany’s Bielefeld University and University of Hanover is an entry in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition.

Keep your iPad charged and safe, sustainably: The KudoCase protects your tablet inside of a shell made from corn plastic, and keeps it charged with embedded solar panels. (via Earth Techling)

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Image credit: chadmiller via photo pin cc