The cinematic, and sartorial, Simpsons

Movie Simpsons is a brilliant Tumblr that juxtaposes various scenes from episodes of The Simpsons and pairs it with a gif of the actual movie scene that it is referencing. A lot of them are iconic sequences from memorable films, like this example of Groundskeeper Willie hilariously striking the same leggy pose as Sharon Stone in BASIC INSTINCT.

The show finished it’s 23rd season and will go on for a 24th season. Twenty-four seasons? That’s insane! I think a part of its success has been its ability to appeal to viewers on multiple levels (Movie Simpsons demonstrates). Below the first layer of jokes and punchlines there is often an additional layer right below that rewards people (who think they are) smart enough to get the reference.

On a Simpsons-related note, GQ paired Springfield’s sartorial selections with their real life, runway counterparts in this Simpsons-inspired shopping guide, The Bartorialist: