This week's top trending videos starring the best beach prank ever

With summer temperatures (good) and the accompanying humidity (bad) officially here, it’s now bona fide beach season. If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting at the beach other than getting sunburnt while napping or catching up on Hunger Games (is this a dated pop culture reference already?), then take a page from the pranksters in this week’s #1 video.

5. Again, I gotta applaud the dedication of some people in their efforts at pumping out these movie supercuts. In this supercut, we have every spell waved with a wand and/or uttered in all 8 HARRY POTTER movies. Spoiler alert: Dumbledore dies.

4. At this airplane graveyard, a place for decommissioned planes in Mojave, California, the winds get so bad that they can lift the nose of a 747 airplane as seen in this video that has gone viral over the past few days with over 2 million views.

3. These two sisters Lennon, 12, and Maisy, 8, aside from having a couple cool names, did this awesome acoustic cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” with just their good voices and yup, just as you predicted, a couple empty Land O’ Lakes butter plastic containers. Wait, is this secretly a viral for Land O’ Lakes?

2. Ad agency AlmapBBDO created this lovely sentimental 1 minute piece for Getty Images to promote their photo archives. This video was stitched together five thousand photographs from their database and the agency spent 6 months researching to find the proper final photos. Who knew stock photos could be so touching.

1. Some pranksters hit Venice beach and “discover” a huge Treasure Island style chest filled with “gold” to the crazy excitement of the everyone. The catch: They had buried the treasure with the fake gold the night before. The video is glorious, including the shady lifeguard who tries to commandeer the situation.

Bonus Feature: If you’re a surfer at a beach with no waves, here’s one way to create some bodacious man-made ones.

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