That's my boy! Anderson takes on America's latest child star/homophobe

What would we do without CNN’s favorite Gay-Straight (gay?) alliance member—no, not Don Lemon—Anderson Cooper? AC360 had a segment about some pretty classy parents and their church encouraging their theatrically inclined child to sing a homespun song that wished homosexuals to hell. You’ve probably seen the video by now, a child singing in a manner that can only be described as Shirley Temple-esque, about Romans 1 and 27, and using the word homo. The congregation of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Indiana cheered the future X Factor contestant on, and demanded a repeat performance. You can hear what presumably is the father’s voice yelling, “That’s my boy.” It’s just a class act all around on a Sunday morning in Indiana.

Pastor Jeff Sangl hasn’t spoken to the press on the matter, but the congregation released a statement saying, “The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason.” And that’s all groovy, but if you believe you haven’t been hateful, why not speak on it in person? Not very disco.

Members of the church who were neighborly enough to speak with reporters ran the gamut with explanations like it’s a misunderstanding, and my fav, “the church just doesn’t condone sin.” Well what defines a sin? Seems rather subjective. Last time I checked gluttony was a sin. What’s up Indiana?

All kidding aside, that little boy’s performance had a cute factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. This country is always looking for the next Clay Aiken. You remember him, the good Christian boy who crooned on American Idol, which opened doors to Celebrity Apprentice and making a baby with lesbians. Super disco!