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Summertime: Some tips for opening beer bottles without a bottle opener

Summer is upon us and that means a season of rooftop, balcony and pool parties. Expect the most common question (after “Where are the drinks?”) to be “Where is the bottle opener?” In my best Seinfeld voice: “What is the deal with parties of a hundred people and there’s only one bottle opener?” I think at every party one person should be designated the keeper of the bottle opener. We could chain it on a necklace around that person. So instead of looking for a bottle opener, you just have to look for Jason, that 6-feet-9-inch tall guy. In the meantime, until this rule is implemented, watch this short film BOTTLE CAP BLUES. In it Adam Young and Chris Sumers (Get it? Sumers like Summers) sat around and came up with various ways and methods of opening a bottle of beer without the use of a bottle opener. Some methods, such as those involving a machette for example, it seems the loss of a digit or two is the cost of failing to open the bottle. They filmed the results set to some good old fashioned olde timey bluesy music. In some ways, this reminds of those YouTube “trick shot” videos I’ve posted here in the past. The creators however I think missed a golden opportunity here to make a “99 Bottles of Beer…” version.

Relatedly, here’s one person’s method of opening bottles. One could say they “nailed” it.