Now playing on Sundance Channel: Sexy leading men from Jon Hamm to Gael Garcia Bernal

This week we’ve got quite the collection of leading men gallavanting across Sundance Channel. And there is something for everyone, whether you’re a Russell Crowe type or a Gael García Bernal fan.

It’s Thriller Thursday! And what’s more thrilling than Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm? Well, Jon Hamm in STOLEN:

He’s really mastered the art of acting angry! But, then again, you’d be angry too if your kid had been missing for eight years. And you’d probably get even angrier if another missing kid case landed in your lap…with eery similarities.
Thursday at 9P

All month long we’ll be bringing you Films to Go Gay For via a Friday night double feature. Warning: These films may cause sexual orientation disorientation, due to their smoking hot leading ladies and gentlemen. This week, we’ve got A GOOD YEAR and THANK YOU FOR SMOKING:

Apparently Ridley Scott has a big, sci-fi film opening this week. All of that goo and space talk might make you forget that he also made A GOOD YEAR with some guy named Russell Crowe. It’s a lot like their collaboration for GLADIATOR, except that it isn’t anything like GLADIATOR at all. Anyway, Crowe plays an uptight, money hungry, Wall Street type (only English) who reevaluates his life when he inherits his uncle’s vineyard in the South of France. My uncle has a boat rigging operation on Long Island that I’m hoping will help me get over my seasickness issues.
A GOOD YEAR Friday at 8P

Sorry, we are not going to choose between Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart. There is just too much good bone structure between the two of them:


Speaking of insanely handsome leading men, Gael Garcí­a Bernal:

This week’s Official Selection takes us all the way back to 2001, when this Mexican road trip movie hit the States and caused American ladies to collectively sigh. And this one still holds up as a great movie (sexy threesomes with older ladies aside).
Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN Wednesday at 8P