Same-sex couples selling things to America: From Ikea to JCPenney

The real problem with One Million Moms is not that there are one million of them. There aren’t. It’s that they make passing the thirty-year threshold in life look like the end of… life. Their latest hate boycott is against JCPenney, first for picking up Ellen Degeneres (hi Ellen, who hates you?) and now for their decision to cater to America’s most notorious disposable income bracket this Father’s Day, gay men—or rather, gay fathers. Penney’s ad depicting two nerdish men raising children is so sweet you’d have to be smoking bath salts to find a problem with it. We’re not here to draw conjecture (save that for OMM), though we do love when marketers get hip to contemporary life. So here are some other notable campaigns that cater to gay consumers, the children that love them, and the granny panties that inadvertently get bunched. We assume One Million Moms wear granny panties. And that’s an OK statement ’cause it’s more empirical than conjecture.

It’s no secret the car company has been an early adopter of gay consumers. A rainbow sticker and an Outback go hand in hand on college campuses. And now as they’re going for the upwardly mobile post grads with their more grown-up car model, the Tribeca. Look at that, a car named after a triangle… below Canal Street.

Any gay who has ever lived with a partner in a “starter” apartment can identify on some level with this commercial. Stereotypes be damned, we’ve all been there.

Progressive Car Insurance:
A slightly ambiguous male-couple that behave in a rather relaxed manner around each other go shopping for car insurance. Innocent enough that most closeted homophobes might not pick up on it, except they seem to share the same thoughts, and wardrobe in the commercial. There’s also some weird Dominant/submissive dynamic going on between them over the sale of a watch. Gays love power.

PlayStation Portable:
What do gay men and gamers have in common? Apparently both like to play in bathrooms.

MTV Bonus(!):
Cause MTV is supercute when they’re cheeky.