Sad with shitty insurance? Try online group therapy

Ever feel like you could benefit from a therapist but you don’t have the cash or you can’t travel to sessions or you just don’t wan to make the commitment? Now the magic Internet is bringing the therapists to you for only $9.99 per hour-long sesh. Talktala:_ is a brand new site (so new they’re still in the beta stage) that democratizes therapy by providing it in small groups for a low price.

You attend a group session– whether by chatting, talking, videoing or a combination of all three, your choice — with a max of 8 people including the therapist. It can be completely anonymous, if you prefer. Their projected audience is mainly women and many of the sessions are centered around relationship issues; for example, “I can’t seem to get the relationship I want” and “I want to break my relationship patterns” and “My spouse is cheating on me” and “Divorce Support.”

We haven’t tried it and can’t vouch for the experience, but we were intrigued enough by the idea — especially since we often get advice questions from people who should be seeking professional help but can’t afford it — that we asked Talktala:_ for more information:

If it’s in beta mode right now, how can people coming to site use it?
Since we’re in beta mode right now, we have the website set up so that you enter your e-mail address and, at a later date, we will send you a link that allows you to make an account on the site. We send out blasts of these e-mails regularly. This gives us a chance to work out the kinks before opening it up to the public :)

Is there a way for users to suggest topics?
Absolutely! When you go to the main page, there is a prompt that says, “The talktala:_ team is here to help you”. When you click that, you can suggest a new group topic!

Do you guys plan on having any sessions dedicated to sexual trauma (recovering from rape or molestation)?
I have actually had many people ask me if we would have any group therapy sessions related to sexual trauma. This is something that can be done! But ultimately it’s up to the therapists. If a therapist finds a topic that they enjoy or are comfortable with, they can attach themselves to it and become the moderator. We can most certainly put up the topic on our site and cross our fingers that a therapist will join and conduct the session!

Will there be any recurring group sessions? Or is each one basically a stand-alone session? If it’s the former, how will that work?
Usually, groups will be more than just one session. When you sign up for a session, you will have 2 or even 3 sessions. If a session is not scheduled and the moderator wants to continue the conversation, he or she can set up a new session. The participant can decide whether or not he or she wants to join from there. Of course, they would have to pay for that session.

How will you handle trolls, flamers, or people who are disruptive to the process? (Is there a code of conduct people must agree to before they start?)
Good question about the trolls and flamers! We give the therapists complete control over the room. If they find that there is a disruptive participant, they are encouraged to kick them out of the room in order to keep the participants on task and talking about the topic.

Can you give our readers a deal?
Breaking news! I just found out that if you sign up for our website, you automatically get a free session! Wahoo! This will be implemented within a few days! So, as soon as you get a confirmation e-mail saying that you can register for the site, you can get your free session :)

What does the site name mean exactly?
Well, now if I told you exactly what “talktala” meant, it would be ruining the surprise! Talk, of course, means to talk. Tala, on the other hand, well, the answer to that is written in Sanskrit on a 12 century old scroll that is kept in our vault. It will only be revealed in the event of global peace or destruction. Whatever comes first ;)