Obama is ready for Broadway with "Call Me Maybe" (and Bill Clinton)

The latest gem from the people at Barack Dubs is President Obama “singing” Carly Rae Jepsen’s saccharine song “Call Me Maybe.” A more fitting title of this song for Obama who is on the fundraising circuit for the upcoming election against Mitt Romney should be “Donate Maybe.” Stitched together from his various public appearances and speeches, the Internets wildly approved of their previous video of Obama singing “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. Based on his previous performance singing a bar of Al Green, I think Obama could nail both of these songs at karaoke. Mitt Romney however should stick to just his stump speeches and avoid singing in public.

Barry was actually in NYC last night. And as if Times Square isn’t chaotic enough already, on my way home from the gym last night I came across the NYPD and lots of broad-shouldered dudes in suits (*Cough*Secret Service*Cough) closing off streets and redirecting traffic in advance of President Obama and President Clinton’s arrival at the New Amsterdam Theatre for a fundraiser. At the event, Obama discussed the mustache disguise he wanted to wear but which was rejected by the Secret Service. While waiting for his appearance I tweeted this SUPER EXCITING (not really or at all) photo of the tent that would house his limo-tank.