Now playing on Sundance Channel: BIG FAN and strange-but-true stories

So you’re a fan, right — of films, sex, true stories, sports teams, gelato, whatever? But are you, you know, a big fan? You can prove it by watching these movies, featuring all of the above (well, maybe not the gelato). This week three inspired-by-a-true-story films offer up heart-wrenching crime, tear-jerking redemption and ass-kicking action (not to mention hotties like Keira Knightley and Jon Hamm).

All month long we’ll be bringing you Films to Go Gay For via a Friday night double feature. Warning: These films may cause sexual orientation disorientation, due to their smoking hot leading ladies and gents. For starters, picture this: Keira Knightley — wielding a machine gun, no less — alongside fellow bounty hunter Mickey Rourke (OK, maybe that last part isn’t all that hard to imagine), in DOMINO.

Based on the real story of Domino Harvey, a model-turned-bounty-hunter who died of a drug overdose only a few months before the movie’s release. Have we mentioned yet that it features a gun-wielding, smoking (and smokin’-hot) Keira Knightley?!
DOMINO Friday at 8P

STOLEN stars Jon Hamm as Tom Adkins, a detective trying to cope with the disappearance of his son while trying to solve the murder of another boy 50 years earlier:

Tom begins to solve the half-century-old case while coming to grips with the fate of his own son in this dark tale.
STOLEN Friday at 10:10P

It’s not quite football season, but whatever your favorite team, there’s no way you’re more devoted than New York Giants fan Paul Aufiero. Patton Oswalt was already a successful comedian when he took a chance on this indie drama, which is why the bossman, Mr. Redford, thinks you need to see this film:

You won’t want to miss this festival favorite about an average guy with a decidedly unusual affinity for Big Blue. What happens when he semi-stalks a star player—and gets the crap beaten out of him for his trouble?
BIG FAN Saturday at 8P

In ANTWONE FISHER, Denzel Washington (in his directorial debut) plays a Naval officer and psychiatrist determined to help talented-but-troubled sailor “Fish” (Derek Luke) find his way:

Fish has been rejected by his family and can’t allow himself to open himself up to anyone — but we get to watch him learn to trust and even love again. Get ready to grab the box of tissues for this one.