New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

The Bois and Gurls over at Heritage of Pride felt it appropriate to use the theme “Spread the Love” for New York City’s 43rd annual Gay Pride parade. It was the first parade for New Yorkers since same-sex marriage became legal, which charged the air like it was the summer of love. For the singles in the crowd, it was nothing short of a miracle the way organizers and participants made monogamy look sexy. Check out our full report and more pretty pictures than you can shake a stick at:

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who played a key role in legalizing gay in the Empire State, was in attendance, as well as Mayor Bloomberg and councilwoman Christine Quinn (who just married her partner — congrats). And, of course, there were plenty of floats covered in gyrating, scantily-clad bodies, blaring club-friendly music all the way into Greenwich Village and enough Donna Summer for everyone. Later in the evening, parade goers and professionals flooded Pier 57 on Manhattan’s west side for the annual Dance on the Pier where Cyndi Lauper performed for the children. As if Brooklyn’s own would be anywhere else that day.

Don’t miss the glamtastic NYC Gay Pride Parade. View photos.