Music videos are still relevant at the Vimeo Festival

Remember when music videos were like visual junk food available for mass consumption on TV channels such as Music Television and Video Hits 1? For better and worse, the medium has changed drastically, since now one must actively go out and search for music videos…and of course the main place to look is online. This has meant that music videos must demand our attention with true artistry, in the hopes of ‘going viral’. Manchester Orchestra’s video for SIMPLE MATH, created by two boys who simply go by ‘The Daniels’, made getting into a car wreck look like true evocative fun.

Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Other videos in the category included:

Sean Pecknold’s video for AN ARGUMENT by THE SHRINE is like a Gorillaz animated music video on acid, with nostalgic sepia-infused images of an ibex of sorts wandering through a sunbaked, abandoned landscape. Weird central.

The playful APACHE by Oneedo is another animated video, but one that truly innovates, utilizing the feel of origami-like paper cutouts that revolve around a mechanism of sorts, telling a story set to a galvanizing instrumental track.

Rounding out the competition is yet another music video involving animation, but in more of a ROGER RABBIT kinda way. Is Tropical’s THE GREEKS by Megaforce looks like it was a mighty fun shoot, following around a bunch of French kids as they play shoot ‘em up with toy guns. The twist? The blood, gun smoke and explosions that are added on via comic book-style animation.