Now playing on Sundance Channel: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE meets early Fassbender

Beat the heat with a weekend of watching movies. This week, we’ve got a recent indie classic and some steamy period pieces featuring some now famous folks engaging in sexiness…so you can say you knew them when.

All month long we’ll be bringing you Films to Go Gay For via a Friday night double feature. Warning: These films may cause sexual orientation disorientation, due to their smoking hot leading ladies and gentlemen. This week, we’ve got some sexy period pieces, THE LAST MISTRESS and ANGEL:

Spanish mistresses, man…always way more trouble than you expect. Am I right? Especially when they are played by Asia Argento and outfitted in killer period costumes inspired by Goya. There is enough 19th century sexytimes in THE LAST MISTRESS to satisfy whatever urges you might have. So set your DVRs, because we all get that way sometimes…and European period dramas are classier than porn.

ANGEL is the story of a young lady from a good family who fancies herself a writer:

But, the film is perhaps most notable to some of you for an early appearance by Michael “hung like a golf club” Fassbender.
ANGEL Friday at 10P

This next one sort of defines “cult classic”, which is why our boss thinks you need to see it:

COLIN FITZ LIVES is a screwball comedy about two hapless guys hired to guard the grave of a dead rock star. Plus, you’ve got indie royalty William H. Macy and Martha Plimpton, John C. McGinley, who just has the weirdest resume in Hollywood, and a young Will McCormack, who wrote one of this year’s festival faves CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER.
COLIN FITZ LIVES! Saturday at 8P

Remember when Paul Dano was just the kid who didn’t talk in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (before THERE WILL BE BLOOD)?

Well, we do. And we think it’s high time to revisit this 2006 indie classic. Remember how excited everybody got about this film? It was the big Sundance Film Festival breakout that year and grossed more than $100 million. Not bad for a movie that was shot over 30 days for $8 million. So, hop in the van again with Dano, Abigail Breslin, Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin (who won an Oscar for this role).