Indie sleaze to A-list upgrade

Twenty years ago B-movies and ‘sploitation flicks were relegated to sleazy grindhouses and run-down theaters that could only get clean if someone lit a match by accident. But they’re accepted now by everyone thanks to BLACK DYNAMITE and upcoming genre mash-up ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Remakes are happening nearly as soon as films are re-released, so why not look to the most influential and infamous of the sleazy genre? Troma. It’s time the Toxic Avenger and these other Troma notables get their marquee moment.

If you know Troma, then you also know some of this may be NSFW. In this Top 10, we link off to some questionable video content. You’ve been warned.


You can never go wrong with a Nazi as the villain. But they somehow did in this cult trash classic, so let’s borrow an idea from THE FP: insane costumes, intricate gang rallies and still make it look “normal.” The Nazis themselves should be over the top, snide and cocky. Which is why we think Max Thierot should be Adolf. If you need proof, look no further than his monologue from MY SOUL TO TAKE on the California Condor. But who should play the bad-ass grandmother, ‘Mama’ Washington? Mo’Nique. We literally can’t think of anyone who’d be more terrifying with a grenade, a gun and a ham hock.

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