Greener consumption: the tech and more edition

Not a techie, but still want to find out the latest on the green products front? No problem: we’ve expanded our weekly green tech finds into a broader array of products with a light footprint. This week: turn off the lights from work, and buy a bamboo toothbrush for yourself and someone else.

Turn off the coffee pot from the office: the Elphi smart plug gives you access to your plugged-in devices from anywhere. Bad about remembering to turn things off? The plug’s phone app allows you to check from anywhere, and turn them off without going home. If you like it, they’re soliciting funding through Kickstarter. (via Mashable)

“Reused” clothing doesn’t have to come from the thrift store: British retailer Topshop is launching a line of new clothing made from discarded fabrics in partnership with eco-fashion label From Somewhere. The “Reclaim to Wear” line goes on sale tomorrow. (via Ecouterre)

DIY gifts for Dad: Father’s Day is coming, and the Sierra Club gathers up a list of ten DIY gifts you can make for him from materials you likely have lying around.

Need a new desk chair?: MNN rounds up five of the coolest, greenest, most ergonomic desk chairs out there – just keep in mind that “cheap” wasn’t one of the qualities for which they were chosen.

Buy a bamboo toothbrush for yourself, and a kid in the developing world: We throw away a ton of plastic in the form of toothbrushes: over 500 million pounds annually, according to the Green Living Guy. Smile Squared makes their toothbrushes from biodegradable bamboo, and gives one to a child in a developing country for every one bought.

The pedal-powered outdoor gym: British The Great Outdoor Gym Company already creates public spaces where people can exercise; now it’s harnessing some of that power created by all of that activity to keep lights on at their outdoor gyms (and, thus, give people more time to exercise). Only in the UK for now. (via Earth Techling)

Refillable hair care: It’s good to recycle; it’s better to reuse. Use Me! hair care products allow to do just that: take them to a participating salon, and refill your empty bottle. These products are also vegan, and free of many of the chemicals found in traditional brands. (via

Found a green product you’d like to share? Do it: that’s what the comments are for!


Image credit: Screen capture from Elphi Kickstarter video