Diego Stocco: The sound of nature

Diego Stocco – Music from Nature from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

If you ever walk by a guy just smacking a tree branch for apparently no reason, there’s no need for alarm. It may be just musician Diego Stocco. He composes some rad sound musical tracks using samples from nature and other organic objects. The finished product is then all mixed together without any synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds. Instead of the horse or dog whisperer, he’s a nature whisperer who pulls out the melodic quality of our green surroundings. This would be a bit tougher to do in my domicile of New York City. He should do a NYC version and create a song composed from the sounds made by pissed off delivery drivers, honking cabs, police sirens, and Mayor Bloomberg giving press conferences in Spanish (Bloomberg’s Spanish alter-ego on Twitter received HER own New York Times coverage once).