This week's top trending videos starring a dancing soccer fan

While New Yorkers have been obsessed with this week’s heat wave, Europe took a break from its economic woes with a little bit of soccer. Kicking off this week’s top trending video in the number five slot is something from the Ukraine and France match.

5. If you’re unsure how to dance to a certain song then you can’t go wrong with a little two-step, spin, followed by a shoulder dip, but this Ukrainian soccer fan at his country’s match against France just taught me what might be my new go-to move on the dance floor. The scarf tied around his head is also a key look. Look for it later this winter.

4. A guy in a Mercedes convertible tries to catch a golf ball smacked and flying through the air around 180 MPH. Car racing plus golf: Sounds like the next big new sport…or how rich Scottish people like to have fun.

3. Say hello to my little friend the number 3 video this week which is this supercut of “the pre-mortem one-liner” or the climatic moment in a film where the main character utters what a one liner, often which will become a pop-culture catchphrase, before taking violent revenge or making a final stand.

2. A four-minute video of a couple guys asking about plot holes in PROMETHEUS in a rapid-fire monotone manner. There are some major spoilers here, but they make a good point: Why DID Dumbledore have to die AGAIN in this movie. This video wasn’t out in time when I did a round-up of links about this film, but if you missed it, check that out here.

1. Last week, the number one trending video involved Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and videos inspired by her song. Well, I hate to do this to you guys again, but this week we have nerdcore rapper MC Chris combining two popular memes: Jepsen’s pop song and zombies.

Bonus item: The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders doing a lip dub version of “Call Me Maybe” in (and this is the most important part) their bikinis which is fitting for our current heatwave (see how I brought it all together?).