Green tech finds: the cool gadgets for your phone edition

From cool iPhone covers made from old skateboards to silicon chips that can turn your shoes into phone chargers, there’s a lot of phone-related green tech out there this week.

The recycled skateboard iPhone case: Apparently, there’s a lot of thinking going on about how to recycle skateboards. The Skateback iPhone cover is a collaboration between MapleXO (a company that makes jewelry from old skateboards) and Grove (a company that makes iPhone and iPad cases). Check out the details above. (via Earth Techling and Silicon Florist)

Two metal cylinders + dirty water = a refrigerator: Inventor Emily Cumminselectricity-free refrigerator looks like a sleeker, more mobile version of the nearly twenty-year old zeer pot design. Both are based on possibly centuries-old “technology.”

The urban solar phone charger: Pensa’s Street Charge concept takes existing spaces in urban environments – street signs, bus stops, etc. – and turns them into solar charging stations for small devices. (via C0.Design, Laughing Squid and @derekmarkham)

The mobile charger for your mobile phone: Revolt Lab’s Solar USB Box charger was designed for Occupy protesters who needed charging power on the go. The idea is a device that anyone could build themselves. (via Cleantechnica and Care2)

The Honda Fit EV – the greenest car ever?: If EPA efficiency rankings are your metric of choice, than yes – the new vehicle (not yet on the market) “received a combined adjusted mile-per-gallon-equivalency rating of 118 mpg.” This is the highest fuel efficiency rating ever from the agency.

Turn your shoes into phone chargers: Kenyan Anthony Mutua has developed a “ultra-thin chip of crystals that generate electricity when put under pressure,” allowing anyone to charge their phone or other small electronics while they walk. (via Ecouterre and @inhabitat)

Eat well on the road: Find that your commitment to healthy eating has to be put on hold while traveling? Not anymore: the Eat Well Guilde’s new travel map helps you find “local, sustainable, and organic food” wherever you are. (via lifehacker)

Find something else, phone-related or not? Do share.


Image credit: Screen capture from “Grove + MapleXO iPhone SkateBack” video