Now playing on Sundance Channel: Boogie, bang and bury

Beware the ides of June, for there will be films featuring sparkly vampires as lovelorn twenty-somethings (and not, you know, teens), art world sluts of a different kind and Steve Coogan. We’ve got a slew of indie comedies on tap this week, along with some Tilda Swinton freaking out as only Tilda Swinton can (it must be the cheekbones).

All month long we’ll be bringing you Films to Go Gay For via a Friday night double feature. Warning: These films may cause sexual orientation disorientation, due to their smoking hot leading ladies and gentlemen. This week, we’ve got HOW TO BE and BOOGIE WOOGIE.

People really go crazy for this RPatz guy, don’t they? Well, he’s been steadily employed over the past few years thanks to the popularity of sparkly vampires, but one cool thing about Mr. Kristen Stewart is that he’s taken a lot of chances on indies during his TWILIGHT downtime. HOW TO BE is one of those efforts, and it features the HARRY POTTER alum (bet you didn’t remember that) as Art, a struggling musician navigating his quarter-life crisis. We’ve all been there, buddy! And moving back in with your dysfunctional parents rarely solves anything. In order to “get his shit together” (as my mother called the process), he invites a self-help guru to follow him around while he picks up the pieces. So, dig the schadenfreude and laugh at someone else’s expense!
HOW TO BE Friday at 8P

The art world is a massive pile of incestuous behavior, lies, backstabbing and beautiful things. There are also plenty of beautiful people. In BOOGIE WOOGIE, they’re played by hotties from both sides of the pond, including Amanda Seyfried, Heather Graham, Joanna Lumley and Alan Cumming. Look for a brief appearance by Alfie Allen, Lily’s little brother who you may know as “that douchebag Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones“:

BOOGIE WOOGIE Friday at 9:30

Tilda Swinton has really cornered the market on playing mothers with problematic sons! In THE DEEP END, she’s got to deal with her teenage son’s seedy lover (played by JOSH LUCAS) who somehow winds up dead:

The film is an interesting, turn-of-the-millennium update on the noir classic, THE RECKLESS MOMENT, which is why our boss, Mr. Robert Redford, thinks you should watch this 2001 Sundance Film Festival selection.
THE DEEP END Saturday at 8P

We’ve got one more Sundance selection for you this week, HAPPY ENDINGS:

Because after some Tilda dramz, an ensemble comedy is just what you need to wrap up your weekend. This one comes courtesy of Kudrow, Coogan and Gyllenhaal (that’s Maggie Gyllenhaal) and there is plenty of sex, getting off and well, awkward family relations.