Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

The Gay Rights movement has seen many successes and setbacks over the past twelve months. Sometimes events played out like a romcom, other times like a post-apocalyptic battle for the survival of the entire community. Good or bad, gay pride events around the world were rejuvenated with a political kick that upped the ante for parade goers. Stateside, same-sex wedded couples marched side by side with our nation’s openly gay servicemen and women now that DADT is repealed. Read on to see how Pride went down across the globe:

Berlin’s Christopher Street Day parade took a swipe at Russia’s treatment of homosexuals like a lavender glove, depicting Putin and Medeved as lovers in the vein of a Pierre et Giles portrait (pictured below). And international support of the decriminalization of homosexuality throughout the Commonwealth of Nations has surged (look to London in July for a pride event fit for the Queen). And it was all smiles and a party in the land of eternal carnival, Brazil. Sao Paolo’s parade and festival drew over four million participants. Making it the world’s largest Gay Pride celebration in the world—again. Color us proud.

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