A new app tries to make sending dirty pics safer

A reader just tipped us off to this 99 cent app called Peek: it lets you take naughty pictures of yourself and send them to the object of your affection with a little less risk. The recipient can only view the picture once, through a small circular moveable “keyhole”, for only 30 seconds before it disappears (from both your phones). Peek encrypts the picture, then decrypts it once when the recipient views it. The image is never uploaded to a server anywhere.

We love the idea of this, especially for committed couples who totally trust each other. Viewing the image one little section at a time is playful and surprising. It allows one to leave a little something to the imagination — or at least requires the imagination (and short term memory) to fill in the blanks. And while we can’t call the use of a beaver in the iPhone screenshot examples “classy,” we think it’s kind of hilarious.

Here’s Peek‘s fatal flaw, though: While you can’t take a screenshot of the entire image at once, you can use your thirty seconds of viewing time to move the keyhole around in calculated increments and take as many screenshots as possible. If you’ve got quick reflexes, you can create a puzzle of the pic that’s easily put together in PhotoShop. Check out this totally hot picture Lo took of a bare naked body part of hers, which we took screenshots of over the thirty seconds Peek allows and then threw together in a couple minutes:

So while Peek certainly adds a bit of mystery while removing some risk to naughty sexting, it’s no guarantee your pet beaver won’t go for a viral walk someday.


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