World leaders gather to solve econ…no, watch "football"

What did you do this weekend? Well, it seems as though all of the important people in the world were either at Zuck’s wedding or convening at Camp David for a G8 sleepover. Good times! Allegedly, the world leaders were discussing this economic pickle we still seem to be in. But, really, they were watching the Champions League final. It’s kind of like the Super Bowl of European soccer. Or, as my English husband calls it, “football”. Regardless, it came down to Chelsea (they’re from England) vs Bayern Munich (Germans, obvs.) And as you can see from British Prime Minister David Cameron’s reaction…the English won out. And they did it in a super exciting, penalty kick shootout thing!

But, never fear. The world’s most powerful leaders managed to hug it out (very sportsladylike, Angela Merkel) and move on to solving the planet’s economic woes. Hadn’t you noticed? Everything is better now.

And for those of you outraged that President Obama would spend time enjoying such a European spectacle (with an actual Socialist, France’s new President François Hollande — he’s the one who looks really bored in the top photo), here is your commander in chief throwing a real, American football on Sunday:

These images are courtesy of the White House’s flickr photostream, which is the only thing keeping flickr relevant.