Who Cannes? Gaultier Cannes.

John Paul Gaultier’s name has been associated with the Cannes Film Festival for over thirty years. Women, and of course certain men, have served as glorified mannequins donning his fantastic take on French chic as they grace red carpet premieres and after parties in his latest designs. But to some the decision to name Gaultier as a judge in this year’s jury panel caused confusion. Clearly these people are not familiar with the way artists across mediums have been collaborating throughout history (congrats AMOUR, btw).

As a quick primer, fashion’s perennial enfant terrible has officially been credited as costume designer for ten films. Some of the more notable ones being THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, and BAD EDUCATION, please comment below if any of the aforementioned rings a bell. He’s also contributed to a dozen more films in a slew of other ways.

The self-described cinephile is able to converse on the subject non-stop for quite some time given the opportunity, as evident after watching a clip from the Hollywood Reporter. But beyond that, our fashion maven juror possesses a true humility when contributing to a film. It is easy to see where his mark has been added. His designs have an atemporal quality. They work within the period they were created in, but also within previous times. To say they have a futuristic quality is like saying the sky is blue. Oh fine, le ciel est bleu.

When contributing to a film, his ego never trumps the overall aesthetic. Rather his designs further flush out the fantasy world. Anyone familiar with his time at the house of Hermes is aware of his ability to mix sentiments in a way that preserves the integrity between two brands. Mr. Gaultier has been vocal about his excitement to be on this year’s panel, and he has been modest about his position, stating that he will approach each film from a visual perspective, as well as being open to its emotional range.

Where he may be playing the humble industry outsider here, it’s hard to imagine this veteran creator as anything other than a technical genius. Like all truths, this will come to light, and most likely by the light reflecting off this year’s Palme d’Or award recipient. Quelle apropos, AMOUR.