Top 10 Wes Anderson influences

As if you needed a reminder, the latest film from the always-stylized, super-quirky-in-a-good-way Wes Anderson is out this weekend, and in honor of MOONRISE KINGDOM’s release we’re hitting the books to bring you some of the outlandish, esoteric and intellectual films that are most definitely in Anderson’s canon of influences. Even Wes Anderson detractors would have to recognize that this auteur is desperately in love with his wood-paneled and wallpapered, vinyl record playing, ornate but slightly decrepit universe, and it shows. It’s a testament to Anderson’s considerable talent that although his style is supremely nostalgic, it is by no means derivative (it’s impossible to say he is the new “____”), and his influences therefore only represent slight nuances. So now to begin (cue the Futura title card, bearing the words “Chapter 1:”)

The fun of Anderson’s films is that they are somewhat hard to place, in that they borrow a little bit from everywhere and every time, but most would agree he dabbles in decades from the 60s to the (early) 80s. And with his brilliant saturations and bright monochromes, no wonder this 1965 animated TV classic is found here: the wistful and melancholy youths of Charles Schulz’s world could be not-so-distant cartoon relatives of those in Anderson’s. And doesn’t Linus Van Pelt sound like it should be the name of an Owen Wilson character?

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