Top 10 f'd up fairytales

Now that virtually every comic book hero and even a few 80s cartoons have become fodder for large-scale blockbuster treatment (we’re still waiting for THUNDERCATS: THE MOVIE), Hollywood is in the process of pillaging yet another trove of storybook treasures, namely old-school fairytales. Aside from this week’s much-anticipated Charlize Theron-Kristen Stewart vehicle SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, there was this winter’s other Snow White abomination MIRROR MIRROR (shame on you, Julia Roberts), as well as a slew of upcoming updates: Bryan Singer’s JACK THE GIANT KILLER, due next month, and next year’s update of HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS starring Jeremy Renner (behold the birth of a new genre: the action fairytale). Of course, this is territory Hollywood has trod before, always trying to update the classic fables and find twisted new angles. Behold our list of the Top 10 f’d up fairytale films to herald this next (and hopefully not too derivative) influx into the category.


This Academy Award-winning, 1948 classic feels like equal parts Hans Christian Andersen’s macabre fable and 1977’s THE TURNING POINT, as an earlier examination of the desperate pull experienced by dancers between devoting their lives to dance and the desire have lives. The film’s tragic nature reminds us that the original versions of the fairytales we’ve come to know and love were, in fact, much darker in nature than we remember (thanks to Disney etc.). They oftentimes have very sad, or gory, endings: Andersen’s Red Shoes describes a fair maiden cursed to dance herself literally to death.

For those into an even more twisted take on this tale, check out the 2005 South Korean horror film of the same name, in which a woman finds a pair of pink pumps on the subway and all manner of death and dismemberment ensues. But be warned—this is decidedly more blood red than the film from the 40s…

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