Top 10 dictator movies

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka the Baron of Questionable Taste, is releasing his third opus in far-flung tomfoolery this week. THE DICTATOR follows the USA-bound travels of a heavily-bearded, thoroughly misogynistic tyrant modeled after… take your pick. You most probably have heard about this by now – what with Cohen’s shenanigans at the Oscars and a trailer featuring Megan Fox in bed, it’s hard not to be aware of him even if you’d really, really like to be. The question, however, is this: is THE DICTATOR coming to us a few years too late? Remember – the downfall of both Hussein and Gaddafi are history, especially when we have things like [insert name of favorite reality TV show here] to care about. Or, is this movie going to be just plain awesome?

Dictators have always made great movie fodder. They tend not to go quietly into the night, which makes for good cinema a lot of the time. So, whether or not SBC’s take on tyranny is your cup of peasant blood, there is sure to be a dictator movie out there for you. Here are ten of our favorites:


Bertolucci’s portrait of a monarch “dictator” – whose power is absolute but confined to a very elaborate prison – starts in early childhood. The first third of this film is pure magic, and the rest ain’t too bad either. The 1987 Oscars sweeper features still today one of the most evocative and breathtaking film scores, not to mention stunning photography.

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