This week's top trending videos starring the fails of April

All the rain and the gloomy overcast clouds this week in New York City seemed to make it plod along slower than usual, but at least we made all made it to the month of May. So everyone, let’s pat ourselves on the back for that. Let’s also applaud ourselves that we didn’t appear in the number five video in this week’s top trending videos. And in case you’re wondering the relevance of the above screenshot of Val Kilmer, skip ahead to video number four.

5. Here’s the video recap for the month of April of peoples’ best attempts at nominating themselves for the Darwin Award. Don’t say that this video isn’t educational. Aside from teaching me to stop doing dumb shit, especially if ramps and wheels are involved, it also taught me that unicycle basketball exists (see at 1:18 mark). Hope everyone who injured themselves in these clips are okay.

4. Have we started scraping the bottom of the barrel with these movie supercuts? If not, then I think this supercut of scenes of Val Kilmer removing his eyeglasses from his various films should be entered as evidence that maybe we should go ahead and close the book on the movie supercut meme. That said, this video did make me realize that Val Kilmer DOES remove his eye swag an awful lot in his movies. Val: Just get Lasik or at least transition sunglasses!

3. The geeky and macho corners of the web joined hands and predictably went nuts at the release this week of the trailer for the upcoming new Batman film (here’s a link of the trailers for all 7 Batman movies starting from the Jack Nicholson one in 1989 to present). A flying bat-tank? Yes, please. Coterminously (Big SAT word alert) timed with the Batman trailer is the resurgence this week of this older video of a scene from THE DARK KNIGHT set to a sitcom laugh track. The result makes a fight between Rachael and Monica from Friends look downright sinister. State-approved vigilante violence and a sociopathic serial killer has never been so dang slapstick hysterical!

2. While rumors of Jeremy Lin’s return as a savior once again for the Knicks in the playoffs percolates for a hopeful second round of Linsanity, he spent part of his time recovering from his knee surgery a few weeks back to respond to the graduating class of Stuyvesant High School’s request that he speak at their graduation.

1. A majority of the pets featured in the thousands of videos that have garnered billions of views online aren’t actually doing anything aside from typically just walking around and being themselves. So what’s so special about this week’s number one video from China of a Golden Retriever? Aside from being my favorite breed, the dog also guards his owner’s bike. The ending of the video also has a funny surprise.

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