Now playing on Sundance Channel: There is no place like home

Pining for a place to call your own? This week on Sundance Channel we’ve got Steve Martin dying to get home…and Josie Ho killing to get a home. But, it’s not all trials and tribulations of the unanchored. We’ve also got foxy bounty hunters and listless art school students doing what they do best…shooting people and sleeping around!

If you thought real estate prices in New York were insane, check out Hong Kong! Over there, it isn’t the demons that will squash your home-owning dreams, it’s the cutthroat developers…and possibly the jilted buyers.

DREAM HOME is the kind of thriller only Hong Kong can deliver. It’s also the first project heiress/singer/star of the film Josie Ho produced. But this ain’t no rich girl’s vanity project…unless you’re talking about a really twisted rich girl. This is slasher gore to the extreme (unjustly absent from the trailer). Get ready for mutilated faces and scenes so gruesome they were cut out of the film’s Hong Kong/Chinese release. But, fear not (or fear lots)…we’ve got them all ready for you.
DREAM HOME Thursday at 11P

Redford Presents is our boss’ chance to highlight the films he thinks you need to see. And since the man in charge here knows a thing or two about cinema, we tend to trust his picks. This week it’s the (sort of) true story of socialite turned bounty hunter Domino Harvey.

All you really need to know is (Keira Knightly + big guns + loud music) x Christopher Walken. Kapow!
DOMINO Saturday at 8P

I couldn’t find an trailer with subtitles for 3SOME, aka Castillos de Cartón…not even with my remedial Spanish and AP Googling skills! This Spanish version should fill you in on everything you need to know:

Artists! Threesomes! Lithe Europeans! If this film has one thing to teach us, it’s that despite our linguistic differences, art school kids are the same everywhere you go.
3Some Saturday at midnight

When it comes to the Pantheon of paunchy comedians who left this mortal coil before their time, John Candy has got to be somewhere near the top. And he was in his prime for PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES.

I’m writing this from a regional Amtrak train so it’s especially poignant. It also might never get published thanks to the spotty wireless. Isn’t it crazy that you can better wifi on a plane than you can on a train these days? Anyway, neither planes, nor trains had wifi back when John Hughes made PT&A in 1987. Come to think of it, the misadventures of Del (Candy) and Neal (Steve Martin) as they tried to make it from New York to Chicago via Wichita would’ve been totally different with today’s technology. Neal would’ve been kicked off of that initial flight for not turning off his Blackberry when the plane doors closed. He would’ve totally been that guy!